Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to all your important questions. Such as how to apply for a career with Mears, how to find local vacancies and what you can expect during the application process.

General queries

How do I apply for a job with Mears?

You can find all of our current job vacancies using the below link:
Find a Job

Once you've found a job, click 'Apply' to be taken to your candidate portal. If you haven't already, you'll need to create an account and upload your CV before you apply for a role.

Can I apply for more than one role?

For some roles this is possible but please think about the type of role that will suit you and your goals, and only apply for appropriate vacancies. If you are invited to an interview we will treat the other applications as a duplicate.

What are Right to Work documents?

Right to work in the UK
It’s our responsibility to ensure anyone we employ is legally entitled to work in the UK. And that’s before your employment commences. So don’t be surprised when we ask you to provide evidence during the application process.

Visit to find out which documents you need to show us.

Pre-employment Checks
For some roles here, we’ll need to verify your credentials – particularly ensuring you are legally permitted to take up an offer of employment. The requirements vary depending on the nature of the position and its level within the Company.

Types of Checks
There are a number of different checks that might be required – take a look at some of the examples below:
- Reference Check – verifies that the information provided on your application form matches the information from previous employers, schools/colleges and government agencies.
- Eligibility to Work Check – verifies the documents provided to ensure you have the legal right to work in the UK.
- Disclosure & Barring Service Checks – provides information on any unspent criminal convictions (this was previously known as CRB check).
- Academic Qualification Check – verifies your qualifications with the awarding body.

Application queries

How will I find out if my application has been successful?

Our in-house recruitment team will keep you up to date with the status of your application. You can also log in to your candidate portal to check the status of your application.
If you require an update sooner, please contact your Recruiter who will be happy to help. All of our jobs contain the name and contact details of the Recruiter dealing with the job posting.


What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training. Mears will provide you with the work experience and a mentor who will help you develop the skills and knowledge in the workplace.  The training provider will ensure that you gain the skills and knowledge to be able to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Mears offers 4 levels of apprenticeship:
- Intermediate
- Advanced
- Higher
- Degree

Is there an age limit on apprenticeships?

No, it doesn't matter what age you are.  Anyone can become an apprentice as there is no maximum age limit.

Will I be able to start an apprenticeship if I have no tools?

Mears will provide you with a starter tool kit which will contain the basic tools that are relevant to your apprenticeship.

Where would I do my training?

It will depend upon the apprenticeship programme you are pursuing.  The majority of our apprentices attend college 1 day per week. Sometimes the training provider will offer block release.  This means that you will attend college for several consecutive days/weeks. You will learn a lot of the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a relatively short space of time.  

Some of our office based apprenticeships are delivered on-site where a training provider will provide learning materials via virtual classrooms and through online portals.

How long will my apprenticeship last?

This will depend upon the type of apprenticeship and the level of qualification you are working towards. An apprenticeship is a minimum of one year, and can last up to five years.

How can I get an apprenticeship with Mears?

You need to apply for an apprenticeship in the same way as any other job. Mears will start its recruitment campaign in February 2022.

You can find all of our existing vacancies using the below link:
Find a Job

What happens if Mears does not cover all the work experience required for the apprenticeship?

Mears will arrange for you to gain the required work experience by arranging work placements with their suppliers, clients and new build companies.

What will I get paid?

Your pay will be based upon  your age and experience. Mears pay their apprentices above minimum wage.

Do I get holiday pay if I am on an apprenticeship?

Yes, you will get holiday pay. However, you will be expected to take your holiday outside of term time.